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Stop spending money on your kids!

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After Christmas, a time in which my children were given an astonishing number and range of presents (and in contrast Mr Muddy and I offered each other modest little trinkets – otherwise known as socks and knickers) I thought that was it. No need to spend any more on the kids for the next few month, and time to concentrate on more pressing matters.

Some new fluffy large Cargo bath towels for starters (and why not – they’re only £15 each).
cargo white towel A change of cushions (our kitten having ripped our existing ones to shreds). Running shoes and sports bag to encourage me off the sofa (hello Sweaty Betty) .

SB499_BlackA cool waterproof coat to replace the one I currently wear, which makes me look like I’ve escaped from a secure institution. And new clothes. Lots of clothes – sooooo badly needed, as I seem to live in one pair of jeans and my trusted but barely-hanging together faux fur bomber jacket.

That being the case, what do I do? Surf the internet in a moment of weakness and… buy two coats for my daughter! Admittedly they’re gorgeous (seriously, M&S, well done. I love your kids collection this winter), but does she need them? No she flippin’ doesn’t.

And while we’re at it, does Finn need eight new guppies and a heater for his fish tank? No. And how has Cassius persuaded me to buy him another game for the X-Box?

So that’s it. I am now putting my foot down. I am flexing my selfish me-first-for-once gene. And if you’re like me, I suggest you do the same. Have a good think about something you really want. Ignore the pleas of your children, the hanging off your leg, the tantrums as you funnel off their after-school tennis coaching money to something more important – a reflexology session, a decent cut and colour, and a night out with the girls.

Come on, solidarity my Muddy muckers. Tell me how you intend to treat yourself – and then do it!












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