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Tight-fisted and proud of it!

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The last few years have been financially buttock-clenching for most families  – a shock to the system for a generation that’s been used to borrowing large and spending even larger. I cruised through my twenties and early thirties totally divorced from reality, going out for dinner at least four nights a week in London, not even checking my bank account, because I was earning good money in a full-time job, and had nothing to worry about but my own pleasure (*nostalgic sigh*).

Fast forward ten years, and things are sooooo different. There are five mouths to feed, not one. I work around my kids, which makes it harder to make headway on jobs. And everything is just so expensive – oil, petrol, food, gym, meals out, just living.

So I’ve realised I have to move with the times, and have spent the last year getting money smart.

For the first time, ever, Mr Muddy and I have created a proper spreadsheet of house costs versus income – possibly the most painfully dull joint activity we’ve ever pursued together – but the feeling of control and knowledge has been incredibly potent. Now finally I can understand the thrill of accountancy. (Nearly).

broad haven beach
Having had success in streamlining our outgoings, I find myself scouring for money-saving opportunities everywhere. I’ve started using coupons from Voucherbox for bargains (wonderfully addictive – you can request prompts for certain brands you’re interested in when deals come through). I’ve called up about what exactly my Tesco points can buy – not a lot, as Paul Daniels might say, but enough for some days out with the kids. I’ve swapped electricity providers, and stopped overpaying my oil by £150 a month. (I know!!).

I’m applying for a John Lewis credit card because I figure I might as well make some money back on the shop that I single-handedly prop up; and I’m buying food for the day or two ahead, rather than the whopper week’s shopping that slowly wilts and moulds in the back of the fridge, like a brooding biodegradable conscience.

It’s not very sexy to talk about money-saving, I know, but all this dreary practicality will end up paying for a rather nice holiday to New Zealand later this year, and a wardrobe update not attempted since 2001.

Anything clever you do to save money that I haven’t thought of yet? Let me know, I’m all ears…




2 comments on “Tight-fisted and proud of it!”

  • Jo Fe-line January 28, 2014

    I hear you Muddy! Starting a business and having a baby at the same
    time has left our household finances in a totally different place than when we were both in full time marketing jobs. We have been shopping around, changing Internet providers, using coupons, clothes swapping and not being shy of accepting hand me downs for the babe! All good fun 🙂

    • muddystiletto January 28, 2014

      Have you had your baby yet Jo?


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