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You need to watch this ad – seriously!


Mr Muddy sent me a new advertising campaign to watch the other day that he’d spotted on Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook page. It’s an Ariel ad from India that encourages men to #sharetheload, recognising that women are massively overworked and multi-tasking and that often partners have it waaaaaaay too easy.

I watched it with a girlfriend of mine and we both turned to each other and said, ‘Oh my God, that’s exactly my life there’. Mr Muddy must have realised it too because I came home to find he’d done 5 hours of cleaning.

Totally worth watching, let’s hope it does the job for you too!



5 comments on “You need to watch this ad – seriously!”

  • Anne Ager February 29, 2016

    The Indian Ariel ad is just brilliant!! Haven’t shown it to my husband yet …..

  • Alison February 29, 2016

    Watched the ad & all I can say is wow! How sad that some people’s households are like this.
    All I can say is it is a world away from mine! Sure, there are some jobs that seem to fall only to me to do, such as looking in school book bags, making sure homework gets done, remembering birthdays & school trips etc. But, equally there are things that I leave for my other half. He always empties & takes the bins out, for example. 9 times out of 10 he cooks the dinner & we both tidy & clean (although I do seem to do the bathroom a bit more often…)
    To be honest, I’m rather surprised that in households where both parents are working, the division of labour is so clearly gender divided.
    If it is, it’s certainly not just the man’s fault.
    It’s up to mothers and fathers to set an example to our children.
    Sorry to get on my soap box, but my inner feminist just can’t be quiet.
    Language such as ‘he’d done 5 hours of cleaning for me’ is reinforcing the gender divisions & inequalities shown in this advert. Is the cleaning just for you or for everybody that lives in the house?
    I know it seems like inconsequential semantics, but, I believe that language such as this, that we all often use unconsciously shapes the opinions & expectations of our children substantially.
    Rant over! ?

  • muddystiletto February 29, 2016

    Hi Alison, thanks for getting in touch, I thoroughly enjoy a good rant too! I think you’re right about being careful with semantics, but I kind of meant it literally – I do the majority of the cleaning because Mr Muddy is in London until 8pm most nights and I happen to work from home, so by necessity do a lot of the boring stuff.

    I do think it’s also a sad fact that after women have children and are at home in the domestic sphere, they end up doing the majority of this work even when they’re back earning money. I’m very guilty of that. I think I have to take some responsibility for that – sometimes it feels more hard work to delegate than just get on with it myself. But it’s not the way forward, I agree, and as a massive feminist myself, I recognise that we as women to hand over the marigolds with a little more force! Hero x

  • jordans February 29, 2016

    Thanks for sharing the ad, Hero. I agree with the PP about who Mr Muddy is doing the cleaning for – I hope it was to contribute his share of the upkeep of your lovely home and because it makes sense and not as a special favour to you.

    • muddystiletto February 29, 2016

      Fear not, Mr Muddy is very modern his outlook and I’m too bolshy to be a doormat! Hero x


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