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  • Gastro Heaven!

    30 of the best cookery courses to tantalise your taste buds (and impress your dinner guests).

  • oxford spires views city sunshine

    Study in the spires

    Don't worry, there's no detentions involved this time round. Muddy turned (im)mature student at Oxford's CONTED and there's something for everyone, however busy/rusty/nervous you are.

  • Real 2018 Resolutions

    Did your New Year Resolutions die in February? I've waited until Spring to start my Real Resolutions - wanna join me?

  • stressed businesswoman animation cartoon woman hand on head multiple hands holding out work items

    Your careers advisor will see you now…

    Job driving you mental? Or maybe it's a lack of job that's the problem? We put your work dilemmas to our clever new careers coach. Here's what she had to say.

  • woman in colourful leggings sport bras in backwards crab yoga position palm trees in background

    How to be happy in 2018

    Here's our pick of the best 26 courses and retreats to inspire, educate and stretch you this year.

  • So long 2017…

    The Muddy Year - it's been a total blast! Here are the highlights we all went through together in 2017.

  • Your winter wellbeing, sorted

    Health and fitness slumping now it's cold and dark outside? We asked a GP, a PT and a nutritionist how best to bounce back. Here are their expert top tips.

  • Divorcing? Read this

    It's a bit of grim topic admittedly but as divorce rates soar, we look at how to split with minimal fallout, with sound advice from a top divorce lawyer.

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