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Credit ratings – scary stuff…

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Credit ratings are not really prime Muddy Stilettos considerations, but sometimes I have to put the gin bottle down and think sensibly about finances. (Like, how much can I realistically squeeze out of my credit card on clothes in August. Oh no, hang on, that’s not right.)

Last month I had a panic when a purchase of three pairs of tights that I’d bought for my daughter from Next in 2011 – yes 2000 and bloody 11! – and never received due to a house move, returned to bite me on my Muddy behind.

The bills that were being sent from Next asking for payment were also being sent to my old address, and since I’d stopped the redirection post waaaay back I was none the wiser.

Eventually a letter made it up to the new house. A red one. A threatening one. One that said it would put a black mark on my credit rating, that my children would be made destitute and I would be reduced to living in my wheelie bin wearing a bin liner, all on account of £15 worth of cotton undergarments.

I didn’t even know how to find out about my credit rating, or how seriously banks and other businesses took it, but it’s serious stuff. I found this info on the BBC News website and went straight off to find out my free credit store (to find yours click here). Totally worth doing, even if it’s just to check that something like this hasn’t happened to you.

Alright, that’s enough sensible stuff, back to having fun. Ice and a slice?


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