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Morning routines of happy women: TV star Katy Hill

Can your morning routine make you a happier person? We spoke to former Blue Peter presenter and life coach Katy Hill on how she spends her early hours.

What wakes you up in the morning?

I set my alarm at 6am, an hour before the kids get up. I got myself one of those Lumie sunrise alarms which really helps on the darker mornings, though it is getting lighter now it’s spring.

What’s the very first thing you do on waking?

I down a big bottle of water before my feet hit the floor. I just bought myself a sexy copper bottle on Etsy. Makes all the difference in my book! 

Do you bounce out of bed or do you need to be dragged from the bed, still clutching your duvet?

I try to bounce out of bed. And I never hit snooze. If needed, I use the 5,4,3,2,1 technique to build up to getting up and out. 

What’s the first thing you drink and eat?

I do intermittent fasting so I don’t eat until I have my protein shake at 11.30 am. I do have a cup of black coffee at breakfast though and take my supplements. There’s a supplement called Lumity which I take – morning and night – it is amazing for so many things, and I take collagen powder. 

How do you set the mood for the day?

Every morning I write down five affirmations.  In the same way I get my coaching clients to, I write them as if they’ve happened.  Why?  So your subconscious will start acting on your affirmations as if they’re happening, as if they’re fact. I also write down three things I’m grateful for.  Super specific things – not “my family” or “my health” – but more “that impromptu hug my son gave me yesterday” or “the birds in the garden this morning and the signs that spring is on the way” – that kind of thing.

I teach people how to do it in my new online course IGNITE and the feedback has been amazing. Some of this stuff is so simple but we don’t take time to learn it.  When you realise that it’s your choice how you show up for life, it’s a game changer.  I also plan my day at this point – that way I’m in charge and setting the tone for the day. 

Who else shares your morning space?

My husband and I get up together at 6am then my two kids, Kaya 14 and Akira 11 are up at 7am.  They have scrambled egg every morning and we all sit town at the table together. Protein is super important for their brains – not sugary cereal (although they do have that at weekends). And then there’s our cat, Luna, who, if we didn’t have a 6am alarm, would wake us to be fed anyway! 

What’s on the radio/podcast/TV?

We have Radio 1 on in the kitchen. I love Greg James and his energy and we’re all fans of the music on Radio 1.  Unless Trey, my husband, gets there first, in which case it’s Radio X. Chris Moyles is actually equally brilliant.

What skincare/beauty products do you swear by?

My biggest skincare discovery these past few years has been Emepelle – it’s targeted at perimenopausal skin and is incredible.  I worked with the brand recently on a project about “Powering into Menopause” – something I’m super passionate about! I’m all about keeping things natural in my approach to skincare and love that Emepelle takes all the guess work out of what I should be putting on and when.  The serum and cream have honestly been game changers for me.

What’s the first thing you do outside?

I go outside first thing – it’s where I drink my coffee – just outside my kitchen door.  I love the early morning – especially in spring and summer. It’s like a free gift. Sometimes the sunrises are one of the best kept secrets and make a really special start to the day. 

Any exercise in the morning?

Yes – moving your body is a massive part of my “5 steps for the morning win” podcast.  I’m 50 in April and passionate about living all out at this stage of life. I do a 15 min row in the garage and then 20 mins of yoga every morning. I think most people overthink exercise.  As I say in the podcast “you can either spend 20 minutes talking about why you don’t have time to exercise, or you can just exercise”.

When do you first check your emails/phone?

I’m big on not scrolling. I have heard high performers say they don’t check their phone until after 9am.  For me, I first look at my emails at 8am. I do 30 minutes of emails between dropping my eldest at the bus stop and dropping my youngest at school. It helps me feel ahead on the day. And I only open my emails when I’ve planned my day already. Otherwise you’re living in a reactive, not pro-active way.

How do you choose what to wear?

What I wear depends on what I’m doing that day and how many coaching clients I have.  Even though I coach via Zoom, I always make sure I’m properly dressed for it as clothes 100% impact how you feel and show up to life. If I don’t have any clients that day I’m more than happy to spend the day in Lycra. Getting up and putting my workout clothes on straight away (which are laid out next to the bed) is a key part of my morning and showing up for life.  Exercise is a non-negotiable and if rocking Lycra for the day means it’ll happen – then great! 

If you were breakfasting out, what’s your favourite local spot & why?

Ooh – breakfasting out feels like such a luxury right now. We discovered The Breakfast Club on the rooftop of Westgate, Oxford just before Lockdown hit last year. So we’ve been there a couple of times but love it.  Locally, I really love The Old Post Office in Wallingford – they do the best poached eggs with sweet potato, avocado, feta, chilli – just divine. I also love the smashed avocado breakfast at Soho Farmhouse but haven’t been there forever.

If you could wake up anywhere and with anyone, who would it be?

If I could wake up anywhere and with anyone?  My happy place is with my family. We have a pretty massive bed and I love that we can all pile into it on a weekend morning. The kids always joke that I’d like to live in the olden days when everyone shared a bed. Like the Bucket family in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! That IS my idea of heaven! And where?  On a Greek island. Travel is right up there for me – freedom and adventure are life values of mine and I’m fortunate enough to also work as a travel writer. There’s just something about the Greek islands that have a special place in our hearts.  

You can find Katy at and @ImKatyHill. And if you want to see if more of that energy can rub off, you can listen to Katy’s LIMITLESS BY KATY HILL podcast, “5 Steps to Own Your Morning” . All photo credits go to SCARLET PAGE.

If you like the sound of Katy’s skincare recommendation, she has a discount code #affl and for the month of March for 20-30% off.

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