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Three easy wellbeing tips to try today

Running around like a loony? Brain fried? Stress overload? In the interests of our collective sanity, I've sniffed out some great advice to help us restore balance. And breathe...

When it comes to wellbeing, I’m all about the easy tip – mainly because I just don’t have the time or headspace to follow complicated ones! So I tapped up life coach whizzes Jo and Liz from MK-based EqUa Coaching for some snack-size advice. Their philosophy is to help you find balance in an achievable way that fits in with your lifestyle, so ‘no hours of silence and mental flagellation here,’ as they put it. Which makes them women after my own heart (and mind), basically. Here’s three of their tried-and-tested tools to take home and try out. Over to you, ladies.



The imaginary letter

When we write down what we want to say to someone but perhaps it wouldn’t be appropriate or possible to do so, it helps our brain to let go of the feelings associated with what’s now on paper. Writing it all down and then screwing it up and throwing it in the recycling bin is hugely beneficial in order for us to let it go.


Bag it and bin it!

Another bin-based tip! (We’re not obsessed with bins, honest.) If there’s something that’s worrying or upsetting you, visualise putting it in an imaginary bin. Then emptying the bin outside into your main bin and then seeing the bin lorry picking up your rubbish and it driving away, getting smaller and smaller in the distance until it’s finally gone. It probably took more time to write that down than it does to action it but again, convincing our brains that it’s gone is a great trick for moving on from something that’s been niggling at us for a while! This is a good technique to use before bed to help empty your mind from the day’s frustrations.


Gratitude log

We all tend to focus on the negatives around us and therefore miss the positives. You know, the “Ugh, I’ve had a terrible day,” thing.  Forcing ourselves to regularly think of something that has happened for which we feel grateful can retrain our brains to start seeing the positive instead. It can be as simple and tiny as “I’m grateful I got to work on time”, or “I’m grateful I have tomorrow off”. This actually affects our brain chemistry and makes us feel good. It’s a really useful technique to do in the morning to set the mood for the hours ahead – because who doesn’t want to start the day feeling great?


For more on EqUa – including Skype one-to-one coaching sessions and the founders’ podcast Find Your Balance – see here

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