Pilates with Kate

Offering online classes from her South Buckinghamshire studio, Pilates with Kate helps men and women of all abilities to tackle back pain and get toned.

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Many of us have spent decades hunched over a keyboard and will have the attendant shoulder pain and back ache for it. Sounds familiar? Well, you might want to give pilates a whirl.

Pilates with Kate is a South Buckinghamshire-based class offering online sessions for both men and women of all ages and abilities. Founder Kate Clark was herself plagued by unbearable lower back pain for years, thanks to scoliosis and hypermobility but, after trying pilates on an expert’s advice, her discomfort completely disappeared. Obviously she fell in love with it (hard to argue with results like that), and became a certified Level 3 Pilates instructor (and later went on to gain a Level 4 qualification specialising in lower back pain). Her personal history of posture problems makes Kate better able to understand her clients’ issues and the sessions are geared up to tackle back pain, flatten your stomach and strengthen your muscles, all at once.

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